Admire, Acknowledge, Ignore,

& Enter Anyway


Acknowledge, Admire, Ignore

& Enter Anyway


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Season 3 Cover Art

We'd like to thank Sammy's brother, Joel, for his help designing our Season 3 cover art! We love that he included the infamous CR-V conspiracy that we brought into being in our April Fool's episode!

You can find Joel's Instagram here!

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Identifying This Object


Sammy and Tessa met in June 2017 during a six hour float down the Sacramento River that resulted in extensive sun burns, possible alcohol poisoning, and a floatie fatality or two, but it wasn’t until March 2018, during a board game night, that they bonded over their mutual interest in conspiracy theories and cryptozoology and the idea for a podcast was born.


Hey! You found us! That must mean the transmitters are working. If you don't already know, Conspiracies & Cryptids is a bi-monthly podcast exploring some of humanity's more creative explanations for the world's complexities. Sammy covers cryptids, Tess the conspiracies - together, utter nonsense!

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